We make Ourhouse cushions in Auckland, New Zealand with fabric from leading international brands. We only select small batches from the fabric houses’ latest collections. Cushions all have feather and fiber inners for premium level of comfort and softness. Invisible YKK zips are used on all covers, Inners are fitted with a separate zip to allow fill to be added or removed to ensure cushion is suitably plush for its purpose.



Our sheets are made in NZ from premium 500 thread count cotton from Egypt. The handle and feel of the sheets created with Egyptian cotton is crisper than other cottons and with time become softer and more luxurious. ‘OURHOUSE’ Egyptian Cotton sheets are made from organically grown GIZA cotton. Renowned for centuries, GIZA cotton is harvested by hand from the banks of the Nile River and contains no blends.

Our Egyptian cotton sheets are made here in New Zealand to exacting standards,..



The humid conditions and rich soil along the Nile River Valley create the perfect conditions to grow long cotton fibers . Egyptian cotton is classified as ELS (extra-long staple) cotton. At twice the length of other cotton fibers they can be spun into very fine soft, luxurious and durable yarns.

Egyptian cotton is highly absorbent so it soaks in dyes that give the final product distinctive colour that lasts.